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Our Hotel is located only 20 kilometers away from the well-known Szekszárd Wine Region, on the riverside of the backwater of the Danube. It offers perfect relaxation for those who are planning undisturbed rest, nevertheless it can be an excellent solution if you prefer a more dynamic recharge. Donautica Hotel is a small jewelry box in the corner of Fadd-Dombori. The complex awaits for its guests with 6 small apartments and 11 unique rooms therefore it can accommodate 58 guests. All our rooms have different interior design so none of the rooms are the same. We have a 24-hour reception desk, which ensures the comfort of our guests every minute of the day. Ask for our offer and we will send you our customized price calculation within 24 hours at the latest.

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About Exclusive bungalows

Our apartments are recommended for companies with 4 people or families with children. It is 38 m2 in size and has 4 separate beds on the first floor, a space with a two-sleeping cabin. Features a private bathroom, living room with a terrace view and terrace.

Exclusive bungalows
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7133 Fadd, Donautica sétány 7.
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