Calvary Lookout Tower


2020 February 01.



Visit the magnificent Calvary Lookout Tower in Szekszárd.

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Above the town of Szekszárd, from the viewpoint on Bartina Hill, the viewer has a magnificent panorama, the surrounding lands and the vineyards rolling up the hillsides are truly spectacular. The Calvary lookout tower is not only fascinated by the beautiful view, but also by the composition of the István Kiss statue of Vineyard, erected in 1983. The statue is made up of the symbols of the coat of arms of the city. The Calvary is located on this good little excursion site, the three cross statues were made in the late Baroque style in the late 18th century. Unfortunately, the otherwise magnificent panorama is not a little overwhelmed by the misplaced, gloomy sight of the otherwise useful radio towers. At the end of the pleasant walk, it is worthwhile to take a trip to the Baroque-style historic Remete Chapel, where you can relax in the shade of the linden trees. Next to the chapel is the statue of the Suffering Christ and the cool, pure and healing spring of the hermit is flowing nearby. It is worth filling the water bottle so that the delicious water adds strength to your stroll.


Address: Szekszárd, Kurta street

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