Mihály Babits Memorial House


2020 February 01.



Permanent exhibitions: Mihály Babits Birthplace, Valéria Dienes Memorial Room, István Baka Memorial Exhibition

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Mihály Babits' birthplace, the Clement House - as the Szekszárd people call it - is built in 1780 in the style of the Copf, and is still in its original state. It was purchased by the poet's grandfather, József Kelemen, when he settled in Szekszárd in the 1850s. The ground floor exhibition reveals the venue and characters of Mihály Babits' autobiographical novel Szekszárd, inspired by the Deathly Hall. The first room belonged to her mother, Aurora Clement. The third room was Mihály Babits' room when she returned home for vacations as a child, and later when she visited her family as a famous poet. There is also a smaller room connected to the study room. When Babits was in Szekszárd, the door was always open between the two rooms. Upstairs, the poet's life can be traced through documents, manuscripts, photographs. The last two rooms recall the library of Michael Babits. In the bookcase we can see a selection of the remaining volumes.


Adress: Szekszárd, Babits street 13                  Phone: 0674/312154

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